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Miami Boat Show February 12-16, 2015

miami-boat-showThe 27th annual Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach will transform Collins Avenue into a multi-million dollar presentation of yachts including the world’s most extraordinary and uniquely designed yachts and superyachts from the world’s foremost custom boat builders. The in-water-only display presentation covers more than 1.2 million square feet of space over a mile-long strip of Indian Creek Waterway, featuring over 500 new and pre-owned vessels valued at more than a billion dollars. This Miami boat show is in the heart of beautiful Miami Beach on Indian Creek Waterway at Collins Avenue (S.R. A1A) – from 41st to 51st Streets. THIS IS A FREE EVENT! Mark your calendar for February 12-16, 2015. Click here for more information.

The Best Computer Repair Service in Roanoke Va

I want to give a big shout out to the folks at Roanoke Computer Doctors in Roanoke, Virginia. While sailing off the coast of Virginia Beach recently, all of a sudden my computer just locked up. I thought seriously about throwing it over the side of the boat, but common sense told me I didn’t want to lose the data I had stored on it. (I did actually consider using an old desktop as an anchor once, but a friend told me it would kill the fishes!) Not sure exactly what the problem was – probably a virus, though he mentioned something about the system being corrupted – but they got my computer back up and running again without losing any of my important files.

If you’re in the beautiful Roanoke, Virginia area of the U.S. and need any type of computer repair service, I highly recommend them.

Here is their contact information:
Phone: 540.330.4279


Yachting – A Name and a Passion

Hello, my name is Jonathan Yachting and I love yachts. Well, to be honest, I love boating. I don’t actually own a yacht (yet)!

Like most of us, I have been fascinated with the lives of the rich and famous since I was a small child. I used to camp out on the porch waiting for Marc Anthony to show up with my million-dollar check. And while that level of lifestyle has avoided me, at least to date, my passion for the finer things has continued to grow over the years. Yachts would have to be near the pinnacle of success symbols. I remember browsing the Robb Report looking at fancy boats and fancy cars and fancy homes and fancy watches, always wondering “Why not me?” The obsession for wealth subsided, but the passion for life on the water has grown.

Therefore, please enjoy watching The Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World – 2014.
My personal favorite is # 9, “Seven Seas” (pictured) which belongs to Stephen Spielberg.

7-seas-playMore to come.